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Art Workhops for Refugees

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When the war in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, we three HFBK students, Serafima Bresler, Anna Bochkova and Elizaveta Ostapenko, decided to help refugees who had to escape from the horror of war. Since each of us had experience with teaching and organizing workshops, we decided to take direction on that. Thanks to the help of the HFBK, we were given a room and a budget for art materials. We organized a safe space where adults and children could spend time together and make art. We gave different tasks, where at the end everyone got a handmade thing. We also offered more free from instructions workshops, in which we developed creativity of drawing on large formats in teams.


Starting from February 2023, Serafima Bresler leads the project alone together with other artists from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The masterclasses are supported by the foundation "FREIRÄUME! Initiative für kulturelle Integrationsprojekte" and are held at the Freiraum at the Design Museum in Hamburg.


We continue to work now! 

You can find more information and schedule on our official instagram 

Photos by Marina Galansteva

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