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Turn that clock off already,

it’s disturbing my sleep’

drypoint on canvas 



two together.jpg

The New Heritage 

collaboration with Anna Cheremushkina 



"...we faced with a real pile of lies" 

drypoint on canvas 



After 34 years of Chernobyl accidents when I asked my grandmother whether she remembers what was shown on TV during the Chernobyl accident, she replied:

- Oh, I don't remember. Most likely "Swan Lake". What else could they show? All my life, especially during grief, they showed "Swan Lake".


for H&M fashion project 

(collaboration with Anna Cheremushkina)

tracing paper and pastel 


The film TRANSFORMATION was created for H&M, dedicated to finding new methods for processing mass-market clothes. Through the transformation of the body into sculpture, the desire to transform a functional fashion into a work of art is reflected. Each frame is complemented by hand-made sketches and color effects.

Final Major Project on Foundation course
drypoint (plastic and oil)

My starting point was the word «juxtaposition". Researching this phenomenon, I was able to find it in the Circus College. I found this discrepancy between the environment and people who spend most of their lives there; the contrast between the young actors, which go forward, become stronger and more beautiful and the place that remained to exist in the Soviet time. Enraptured with graceful movements, I decided to create a film with elements of classical animation. Creak of equipment and metal structures, frames with collapsed seats for spectators will create contrast with beauty of movements and constantly changing colours. It will remind of the past and create an atmosphere of neglect.

Don't Be Afraid! 


paper and oil


Calling a number and revealing an unfamiliar person is a hard decision for a child and this video is about not being afraid of it. The foundation of the image of the character was inspired by my 14-year sister. She has a happy childhood, but I know that at this moment there are children who are experiencing difficulties and troubles. I would like children watching my short video to know that they always have someone to ask for help. Each frame is hand-painted with pastel and oil paint to convey the sincere, emotional context that I really care about.

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