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Serafima Bresler is an artist and researcher from Russian working in Hamburg.

Bresler works trace the aftermath of the Chernobyl catastrophe and disinformation in Soviet and post-countries. She often uses the lens of her personal family archive. Her artistic practice takes a form of monumental installation using a variety of printmaking techniques.

 After the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the research on the nuclear catastrophe and the topic of home take on new power and context. Everything said before has become closer, but due to the migration of the artist and her family, distance is also created and awareness of what is happening emerges through today’s online resources and analysis of the past. In this way, the research also began to address the visibility of catastrophes and how they can remain invisible despite their proximity. 


Bresler is finishing her Master’s degree in Time-based Media at University of Fine Arts Hamburg. She graduated from the British Higher School of Art and Design (BHSAD), Moscow in 2020 with a BA in Illustration. In 2023, she held an Achievement Grant Award for International Students from the Hamburg Ministry of Sciences, co-financed by Karl H. Ditze Stiftung. She has had exhibitions at the Klub Der Künste, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg; Хpon-art gallery, Hamburg; and Kunstverein L102, Berlin. 


At the moment, Bresler is the leader of the Artworkshop.hh project, which provides free art workshops for refugees from Ukraine. 

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