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Serafima Bresler - Contemporary Artist            

My artist practice is concentrated on exploring the domestic space, both mental and physical. I believe that the personal space, especially the house, is an environment in which there is a high concentration of images, thus it becomes a real mental event, sometimes revealing deep, archetypal levels of the psyche. The house resembles a tool for examining collective memory, the meaning of the family, and my function in it, as well as the feeling of fear and the fight against anxiety. These themes are traced as well as researched through dissecting images of the mundane. In psychology the notion of «image» is interpreted ambiguously: it can be «seen», stored in memory, reproduced, imagined, i.e. it reveals various mental depth. However, the image is always our own inner space created by the play of our imagination, i.e. it is always poetic.

I am interested in mundane objects whose function is simple and natural, but which are charged with multiple aspects of emotions and states and preserved valuable memories. Choosing one of the real objects and transforming its image through various artistic manipulations, it becomes the intermediate target, showing a piece of reality and my attitude, becoming a metaphor in my poetics. The poetics serve for me in a form of finished installation: a collection of images in a single space that interprets a certain story to the viewer.


I have vided experience of image-making. I open to commerce. If you wish to see my portfolio you are welcome to the "Commission Project" section. 

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