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installation, research


The "Interiors" project is a photographic documentation of a spontaneous exhibition in a house under demolition. The exhibition was created in one week and brought together 16 artists from three art independent institutions: the ICA, the Rodchenko School and British School of Art. Home in our experience of perception exists inseparably from cultural constructions, means to us little more than a physical building. It is a place that compresses the world to commensurate limits, becomes part of our bodily experience and the assembly point of our identity.Each artist worked on the interior by drawing on personal experience through the prism of the of the collective.

The residents had to move out of this house because a crack had formed under the building due to the construction of the metro station, and the house is due to be demolished in 2023.  Each artist was given a room in the abandoned building in which he/she could create an installation or a series of works using the resources they found. For me personally, this story connects very strongly with the practice of not being safe in a house, the sudden distress people are facing. It felt like people were fleeing the place as there were so many personal belongings left behind. I used the sheets I found in the room and decided to make a print of the window and door so that there would be something left of the building after it was completely destroyed. 

Window and Door

Monotype with oil on found bedsheets


Samovar and video footage

The installation was left in the building and will be destroyed along with the building.

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