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Mom, why do we need to cover our windows with these snowflakes?

installation, research

monotype and screen-print on bed sheets


On February 24, 2022 when the war in Ukraine began it was important for me as an artist from Russia to speak out and observe the current catastrophe that destroyed the lives and dreams of people in two countries overnight and continues to destroy it now. For the first month, all social medias were overloaded with information about the war: from news and anti-war statements to personal footage from the center of events. I accidentally came across a video on TikTok where a girl in Ukraine was recording a video for her sister about how their family had cover the windows with tape crosswise to avoid damaging the glass from the blast wave. The girl called these tape crosses snowflakes, like those we all cut out of paper in our childhood and put on the windows during New-Year. Of all the material I saw online at the time, this video had the strongest emotional effect on me. Perhaps because I also have a sister whom I don't know when I will see, or the complete understanding that each of us has lost our childhood and the security of our own home.

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