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Russian Carpets

 1,4 m x 2,3 m

oil and drypoint, flock and screenprint

on primed canvas


 The disappearance of nationalities that arose a thousand or more years ago, is not only a cultural and historical, but also a political and moral tragedy. With the gradual disappearance of nationalities and their languages, humanity is irreversibly losing part of its culture, and civilization is becoming poorer. The irreversible nature of these processes leads to the fact that a whole layer of civilization disappears with its own thinking, perception of the world, ideas about human development. Unfortunately, the process of rapid and dangerous ethnic destruction has affected Russia, my country. Nations have long left and continue to leave their national lands and are moving to large industrial cities in Russia in order to provide for their families and live in more civilized conditions, at the same time, they are faced with a society in which they have to merge, forgetting about their native languages, their roots. Printed on canvases using the dry-point technique, the layout of a typical Russian one-room apartment in Khrushchevka symbolizes those harsh, oppressive conditions of society; red carpets with national symbols of the disappearance of nationalities, printed with flock using silk-screen printing, show that gradually forgotten cultures, languages and history.

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