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4 m

pastel, oil and drypoint on primed canvas


A person absorbs a massive amount of memories every day. He draws on some things with particular sensitivity, and then in the process of nostalgia (or scrolling his story in his head), images and locations begin to emerge and give a special meaning, especially when there is something to compare. Some things were remembered as we saw them too often, and others rare, but with more emotional impact. By such objects and small details of elements is formed the perception of time and environment. The work was created with the help of the sketchbook ("Life Story") and then transformed into a more conceived, completed piece. Many of the images were taken from the stories of my grandmother, and therefore it is sewing from the various ground point and jumping from one event to another personifies our conversations about various time periods with her. 

Grandmother (sketchbook)

pastel, oil on paper


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